The new centralised study budget process means there is no annual allowance. If the course will support you achieving the curriculum and falls within the agreed optional courses (which facilitate the approvals process), it will be covered by the study budget. Discuss any courses/educational activities you would like to attend with your ES/TPD and they will be able to advise and support your application if it is appropriate. Please ensure that you have completed all your statutory and mandatory training. 

With regards to discretionary courses, at the time of writing there is an approval cap on the level of support of £1000 per course. The £1000 cap includes course costs and any accommodation/travelling and subsistence costs. This cap may be subject to change depending on budgetary limitations and the need to support mandatory and optional curriculum events in the future. Trainees should not make a financial commitment to a course or event until they have received confirmation from the Head of School of the amount of support allocated to a claim.

For international study leave applications, we can reimburse the lower amount of either the course fee or the travel and accommodation expenses, up to a maximum of a £1000. If the course fee is 0, the maximum that can be claimed for travel and accommodation is £1000.