The process for getting approval to attend specific courses as part of your study leave remains that you need to receive approval from your Educational Supervisor and that the course either needs to be on the mandatory or optional course list for your curriculum as published here on the PGMDE Support Portal, or needs to be approved as an discretionary course by your TPD and Head of School. Approved discretionary courses will then be given an approval code which will be allocated by HEE and communicated to you through the PGMDE Support Portal. This code must be stated on any claim associated with that course. More guidance on how to submit a discretionary study leave application can be found here.


Once you have attended approved study leave courses, please submit your claim for associated expenses to us on the appropriate form, sending the form and scanned copies of associated receipts through the PGMDE Support Portal. Please use the HEE study leave expenses claim form, which can be downloaded from the study leave homepage here. You may submit claims to us by clicking on the link here. Your claim forms and receipts will be checked by HEE and, if validated, those received by the end of one month will be authorised by HEE for payment by St Helens & Knowsley through the payroll run in the following month (i.e. valid claims submitted in July should be paid in August). You will of course be advised of any issues preventing validation of a claim as submitted. As the December payroll is run a week earlier than usual, you are advised to submit any November claims a week before the month end.