Travel and subsistence can be claimed for events which take place in the United Kingdom only (excluding travel within TFL zones 1-3). You may be asked to demonstrate that a similar event is not available within London and the South East. Reasonable costs for travel and accommodation will be met in accordance to the levels set by HEE at the time of the application. Please see below table for the current rates.

We would expect travel to be the most economical route possible and First Class or business class fares will not be supported. 

Parking costs cannot be reimbursed from the study leave budget, including airport parking charges.

Early booking for travel and accommodation should be undertaken where ever possible to minimise the cost associated with attending the event. 

HEE will consider supporting taxi fares only in exceptional circumstances and you will be required to demonstrate that public transport was not available to complete your journey to and from the event.  

You may be asked to justify any excessive claims for travel or subsistence by your employing organisation or Health Education England. 

Please note that additional guidance applies in relation to international travel, accommodation and subsistence, which will be considered via the Discretionary Study Leave process for international events. 

Accommodation expenses (outside London)

£120 a night

Accommodation expenses (London or international locations)

£150 a night

Mileage rate for all HEE-approved study leave courses from 1st January 2023

30p per mile