Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) – A CCT confirms that a doctor has completed an approved training programme in the UK and is eligible for entry onto the GP Register or the Specialist Register.

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration Combined Programme (CESR(CP)) – Confirms that a doctor has joined an approved specialist training programme and has previously trained in other, non-approved posts, that this has already provided some of the CCT curriculum competencies. The doctor can enter training at a later starting point, complete the rest of the programme and gain the remaining competencies. This is known as the ‘combined programme’, and confirms that the doctor is eligible to apply for entry onto the Specialist Register via a CESR (CP) or to the GP Register via a CEGPR (CP).

Within the UK, there’s no difference in the recognition of a CESR/CEGPR and a CCT. Both certificates allow specialist or GP registration on exactly the same terms. Please refer to the GMC for further information.