You can only apply for Post CCT extension if: 

1) you are reaching CCT within a year, 2) there is funding remaining from when you CCT. Post CCT extension applications can only be submitted prior to your CCT date and not after. 

When applying, the following are needed:

• A brief case from the trainee (2-3 pages). This should set out what you intend to do with the time and how it will be beneficial to you, your research, your clinical duties and any future applications for further funding (grants/fellowships etc.)

• Supporting letters from both the trainee’s academic supervisor and clinical TPD to make sure that they’re happy for the trainee to stay in post and to set out how they think it will be beneficial;

• A letter from the Specialty Head of School to say that they’re happy for the trainee to “remain on their books” as even though they've obtained CCT, the funding will still pass through them; (this is obtained directly by the Specialty Team in HET)

• A brief e-mail or letter from the IAT lead at the relevant Medical School, to confirm that they are aware of what is being requested and that they’re happy with it. (Confirmation on who needs to be approached can be obtained from the IAT Team on the email below)