Academic Clinical Fellowship Funding:  

Where a trainee is rotating into an academic block, it is the previous trust who pays for that block. The trust will need to keep the trainee on their payroll. Whichever trust employs a trainee during their academic block should receive the funding


NIHR funds basic pay (including HCAS) + on costs for a trainee, but not banding, on-call, out of hours, or apprenticeship levy. NIHR technically fund Academic Pay Premia, but that’s something the employer must determine eligibility for The funding is paid to trusts via HEE and is calculated on the nodal point of the trainee, WTE, and the length of time on the academic programme in a given financial year.  


In the event where the first placement for a trainee is an academic block. It is the Trust the trainee will go into (for the clinical component) who will pay for the academic block.    



Clinical Lectureship funding:  

CLs are employed by the university, as such it is the University who would bill HEE for the basic pay (inc. HCAS) plus on-costs for the duration of the 4 years. When the CL is in their clinical placement at a Trust, the college will invoice the Trust for any banding and on-call payments that the CL has been paid.