Trainees who began new training programmes in August 2020 can now claim up to £10,000 under the new national relocation guidance. 

All other trainees in ongoing training programmes can currently claim up to £8000.

These limits are for the duration of their training from Foundation to CCT, irrespective of training region. If a trainee moves region and has previously claimed relocation expenses, their allowance does not reset, for example if they move from Scotland to London. Claims of up to £8000 or £10,000 (depending on programme start date) can be made from FY1 to CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) per trainee when the eligibility criteria provided in the policy is met. The maximum sum covers all categories of expenses outlined in this policy, inclusive of all removal and associated expenses or excess travel.  

Trainees should declare what they have previously claimed on their eligibility and claim forms. If you wish to query the amounts they have previously claimed, please submit a query below and we will verify this for you.