Minimum Salary Requirements 

Please refer to the relevant information attached and the LTFT Visa calculator below depending on whether you are currently on a Tier 2 or Skilled Worker sponsorship. 

Skilled Worker Sponsorship – Minimum Salary Requirements

The minimum salary under the Skilled Worker Route (on the shortage occupation list) must equals or exceeds both:

• £20,480 per year; and 

• 80% of the going rate for the occupation code (2211 for Medical Practitioners) 

Therefore, LTFT can only be requested to a minimum of 80% at any training level for an individual to maintain the minimum salary requirements and their sponsorship with HEE. Please refer here for more information

LTFT visa calculator -

The LTFT calculator (link above) has been developed to assist trainees and local offices in navigating the two guidance documents (provided below) to establish whether the Less Than Full Time (LTFT) request is likely to meet the requirements of their particular sponsored visa.  This form is for reference only and to be used as an aid. Trainees can download a pdf copy of this once submitted for their own records or to share if needed (i.e. as part of a LTFT application).