Trainees who hold a Tier 2 visa who wish to transfer into or out of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland will be able to apply under current visa restrictions. 

Trainees who hold a Tier 2 visa can apply to transfer within the nation that is the lead sponsor of their visa without requiring any change to their visa status. Trainees should however, ensure they complete a ‘Reporting Form’ and return to their current Sponsor to confirm their new region so that this can be reported to the Home Office upon finalising an offer of transfer. 

Trainees who hold a Tier 2 visa who are applying to a region within a nation that is not the lead sponsor of their visa, will require additional paperwork if the conditional offer of an IDT is made and accepted. No additional paperwork is required to the IDT team before this time. 

Please contact the sponsorship teams for further information. The contact details for each sponsorship team can be found on the website.

Both current and prospective sponsor must be copied into the communication.

 Please note that the National IDT team is unable to advise on immigration queries.

 Please contact your current sponsor directly for further information regarding the process.

 If a visa is approved, the trainee will provide evidence of this to their new employer before transferring into post. Trainees who require a Tier 2 sponsorship need to meet the working requirements of earning a minimum of £30,000 per annum and work a minimum of 30 hours per week. 

This is based on UK Visa and Immigration legislation. The National IDT team, or any organisation involved in the creation of the IDT eligibility criteria, can’t overturn this.