The Specialty Faculty will be represented at the formal appeal hearing. The Faculty representative will give the management case as to why the original decision to award an Outcome 3 or 4 should be upheld.

They will be required to provide a written management case report to respond to grounds for appeal. The Faculty representative has the right to submit additional evidence to support their management case.

The Faculty representative should be able to give an overview of the trainee’s training to date and discuss the decision making process to award the Outcome 3 or 4. Possible Faculty representatives could be:

  • a member of the original ARCP panel (including Chair)
  • Head (or Deputy Head) of School
  • Training Programme Director
  • General Practice Associate Director
  • Service Delivery Manager for the relevant specialty area
  • Other senior members of the London and KSS Healthcare Education Team

In addition in cases where the number is being removed under section 3.68 (ii – vii) of the Gold Guide, the Faculty representative could include the trainee’s Postgraduate Dean or the Case Management Service Delivery Manager.

The Specialty Faculty Representative is not a member of the appeal panel and, along with the trainee, will leave the room during any deliberations of the panel.