Historically, it has been the case that trainees on OOP are not normally eligible to apply for study leave. It may be appropriate for trainees to access Supported Return To Training (‘SuppoRTT’) funding/opportunities in preparation for returning from OOP.

Currently, the HEE position remains that individuals on OOP are not eligible for study leave time and funding, except for OOPT (Out of Programme Training). In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Postgraduate Dean, study leave funding during other OOP types may be considered for curriculum-based activity.

Applications for individuals on OOPT will only be approved and funded where there is clear evidence linking the application to the specific curriculum requirement. Where uncertain, this will be at the discretion of the ‘base’ Postgraduate Dean.

The trainee’s base local office will be responsible for approving requests and any resulting funding. The individual’s employer is responsible for re-imbursing costs who may or may not be associated with the base or the host local office. Liaison between relevant local offices should therefore take place to ensure smooth administration.

Where an individual chooses to take study leave while OOP, that individual would then not be eligible to apply for, and have funded, that same element again upon re-joining their training programme.