Regional Training Days-

It is expected that Regional Training Days will largely be held in local Postgraduate centres and the following has been communicated with DMEs to support this.

If you are training lead and wish to organise an event within your local postgraduate centre, please ensure you notify the local Medical Education Manager.

In line with the Tariff Guidance for 2016-17 on Education and Training Tariffs published by the Department of Health in August 2016, it is the expectation that costs associated with delivering education and training activity, including Teaching and Student facilities are incorporated within Learning & Development Activity funding received by the provider.

The Tariff Guidance and FAQ documents referred to above can be found on the HEE website via the following link:

This is to advise therefore that HEE will not provide additional funding over and above Education & Training tariffs for costs associated with catering or venue hire for the delivery of teaching/training required for individuals on HEE funded training programmes. Furthermore, it is expected that local education providers should facilitate access to training facilities for local/regional teaching should these be required by the training programmes.

Other Events-

All other events should be held in the Stewart House events centre where possible. If the events centre is not available, then HET will secure a similar alternative venue.