International, for the purposes of study leave, is defined as those events taking place outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Applications to consider attendance at overseas study courses/conferences will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances. Such circumstances include:

  • for the presentation of significant research findings from within an NIHR recognised academic clinical fellowship or clinical lectureship
  • for the presentation of research undertaken as part of a clinical training programme
  • where the training course is not available in the UK
  • where the course or activity is part of the college curriculum or guidelines on required training
  • where the course is set out as a mandatory requirement of college training to reach the required qualification to practice.

For international study leave requests where the individual will be presenting, such applications should take priority.

Any international conferences attended prior to August 2019 will be taken into consideration when assessing applications for discretionary international funding.

All international events must be applied for through the discretionary study leave process.

With regards to Covid travel restrictions, please note that any international leave should align to current UK Government regulations and those of the host country. Any costs associated with quarantine expenses cannot be claimed from the HEE study leave budget. Any additional leave (either unpaid or paid) required for enforced quarantine periods should be discussed with your employing Trust.