The National IDT Team recognises that sometimes people will not live together before they get married but this should not exclude them from the NIDT process. The following is a comprehensive list of all the evidence that can be provided under Criteria 4 – Committed Relationship:

EITHER a marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate.

OR 2 pieces of evidence of shared financial responsibility (Joint bank account statements, utility bills, joint mortgage/tenancy agreement)

OR 1 Piece of evidence of shared financial responsibility and any one piece of evidence from the list below

OR Any two pieces of evidence from the following list:

· Evidence of regular transfer of funds to partners account on bank statement (two or more transfers over a few months would be sufficient)

· Letter of intent from mortgage lender/rental company

· Letter of intent to marry from religious leader

· Evidence of travel to partner’s location on several occasions (train/coach/plane confirmation emails or tickets that show date of travel and destination. Two or more over a few months would be sufficient. Petrol receipts are not accepted)

· Beneficiary documents

· Wedding/venue deposit receipts

· Phone records that show calls to partner over a period of time (Partner’s number must also be proven). Copies of messaging apps (e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp) will NOT be accepted. 

If you are unsure whether something can be used as shared financial responsibility, please submit a query using the link below. 

If you are applying because your partner has a job offer in another region, you will also have to supply evidence of this in addition to the above.

• If your partner is a medic, please provide confirmation of National Training Number (NTN) letter including start date

• If your partner is non-medic, please provide official job offer letter or contract, including start date

Other criteria and supporting document requirements must also be fulfilled. For full details on the eligibility criteria, please read the Trainee Guide to IDT which can be found here: