You will already produce most or all of the evidence required for revalidation as a matter of course during your training, through meeting the requirements of your curriculum and periodic discussions with your educational supervisor.  As such, the majority of trainees will not need to do anything further in order for the Health Education Team to submit a revalidation recommendation to the GMC.

All trainees will need to complete an enhanced Form R Part B. The link for 2022/23 is


The Form R is the document that all trainees complete annually and requires you to answer questions about whether you have been involved in any complaints or investigated serious incidents / significant events over the last year. 

This is usually requested as part of your Annual Review (ARCP) and should be submitted as per the instructions in your ARCP invite.

If you have not had an ARCP in the last 15 months, you will be asked to submit a current form R.

Whilst in training, you are expected to do the following to engage with the revalidation process:

  • Ensure that you have a prescribed connection with the correct designated body in place. This can be amended by you through your GMC Online account under the ‘My Revalidation’ section.
  • Respond to communications from HEE, the GMC, your employer and stakeholder in your training in a prompt and professional manner. HEE and the GMC must be kept updated with your current contact details if they change.
  • Gather the usual evidence of your curricular competence progression in your portfolio for your ARCP.
  • Provide any additional evidence or information promptly when requested to do so.
  • Engage with colleagues and supervisors, attending meetings and training as required.
  • Inform HEE of any matters of concern relating to fitness-to-practise, such as:
    • involvement in employer or GMC investigations;
    • complaints from patients, colleagues or the public;
    • matters of questionable probity or professionalism.