Please ensure that you have your RCPSYCH e-portfolio  complete in advance of the commencement of the your ARCP. We recommend meeting with your educational supervisor in advance of your ARCP in order to ensure that you are not missing any evidence asked for within the respective decision aids for your specialty.   

The ARCPs is being held remotely, and you will not be asked to attend. The panel will review your portfolio and then complete the ARCP outcome form on your portfolio. After ARCP has taken place, you can then log into your RCPSYCH e-portfolio  to check your outcome. 


Trainees who are on any form of out of programme activity, including maternity leave, are still required to complete a form R.  


How to avoid an outcome 5  

Generally, you will receive an outcome 5 should you not include the following:  


  • Up-to-date Form R – you can access Form R here. Please note once you have completed Form R you will have 15 mins to download a copy of the form. After this, the information will be deleted due to GDPR. You will not be able to go back and amend what you have submitted. You will then need to upload this to your RCPSYCH e-portfolio. This should be completed within 8 weeks of the date of your ARCP. 
  • Educational Supervisors Report (ESR) – this should relate to a meeting with your ES that has taken place within 3 months of your ARCP 
  • Please ensure that you have uploaded up-to-date evidence of compliance with mandatory certification (ALS / Safeguarding etc)
  • If you are an academic trainee, please upload the Academic Progress report form
  • CCT calculator – for more information please see the RCPSYCH website here.
  • CV – please upload it onto your RCPSYCH e-portfolio.
  • If you are currently on OOP, you will need to fill out an OOP update form in place of the ES report (enclosed for your convenience). 
  • Ensure your posts are up to date on the RCPSYCH e-portfolio.     
  • Complete literature review progress record.
  • FOR CAMHS trainees only: final appraisal lit review form_CAMHS and LOGBOOK REVISED_CAMHS 

Trainee and trainer ARCP checklists you can find here.


Guidance on completion of TOOT on Form R - please access here.


* Please note that failure to supply Form R and Self Declaration and all of the above-required documentation in addition to everything stated on the ARCP checklist will result in you being issued an Outcome 5 and you will be given two additional weeks to supply the missing information.   

Guidance to download Form R:

When you complete form R and get to the last page, you can see two sections:


  1. Completion receipt – this is only confirmation of your completion
  2. Download my responses – it directs you to my responses and you have only 15 min to view your form and download it. 


In order to download your Form R, please disregard the completion Download PDF section and go to my responses instead. 


If you have any questions or queries about your upcoming ARCP, please do let us know by contacting the PGMDE Support Portal: