A single exam preparation course is allowed per trainee per exam under optional funding arrangements (with ES agreement). HEE do not distinguish between providers, but noting the wide variation in course fees, have set a cost limit at the upper part of the range of most courses provided.


As such, trainees can be refunded for courses as follows:


-           One AKT preparation course (up to a maximum of £600) – using code GP0001

-           One RCA preparation course (e.g. Fourteen Fish package) (up to a maximum of £600) using code GP0001


In addition we are aware of some trainees requiring additional minutes of recording time on Fourteen Fish for the RCA. We have agreed to fund up to £100 of additional minutes for ST3 trainees for claims agreed and processed up until 31st March 2023. Please use the exam preparation course code GP0001 for these claims as well.


Note that for trainees who are having difficulties passing exams, the PSU can offer a range of interventions, and funding for additional external courses can be awarded on the basis of an individual need as an discretionary course, with TPD and Head of School approval.