The data required for this process will come from 3 sources and all will be on TRoG.


22nd March 2021 GP Practice Lists- A full list of GP Practices for Foundation placements in the 2021/22 academic year will be released to trusts to start assigning to specific programmes and ahead of the trainee early data release. This list will include practices with approved supervisors for Foundation training within the footprint of the trust GP VTS. 


15th April 2021 Early Snapshot Data- the initial trainee to programme allocation data. This will include the F2 trainees allocated to GP posts within the trusts. This data is subject to change up until the 12-week deadline but will provide sufficient information for trusts to begin the matching process. 


12th May 2021 Final trainee allocations – The fully confirmed list of trainee to programme allocation. This will allow trusts to make final confirmation on the GP placements with practices and lock these down.