Trusts are responsible for the placement of their F2 trainees in to approved GP practices.

Trusts should work with practices and consult with GP Patch ADs to make allocations and notify HET once placements are confirmed via a template spreadsheet so that the placements can be recorded to support practice payment. HET will continue manage and support the practice payments.

Trusts are responsible for:

  • Making GP F2 allocations based on data supplied by HET.
  • Contacting practices to discuss the allocations and ensure they have capacity.
  • Working with Patch ADs to ensure that the matches are appropriate.
  • Notifying HET of the GP F2 allocations.
  • Notifying the trainees of their GP F2 allocations.
  • Keeping HET updated with any changes or concerns. HET

When making placements trusts will be expected to take steps to fully utilise capacity and try to avoid practices/trainers being fallow all year. Where this cannot be avoided trusts should also notify both practices and HET if they are unused within the initial allocation 16 weeks ahead of start date. These practices will remain as reserves to support any additional requirements that may occur