As the offers upgrade deadline is not until Friday 15th March, we will not be able to confirm any deferral requests until after this time, as offers for candidates who have opted into upgrades could still change. On Monday 18th March we will contact candidates who have accepted an offer and who have indicated on their application form that they wish to defer. In this email, we will provide instructions on how to re-confirm the deferral request and the information we need from candidates to support this. 

All applicants that wish to defer for a non-statutory reason must have indicated this on their application form. If you have not done so, then you are not eligible for a non-statutory deferral.

The deferral window is below:

Upgrades on offers will be finished – 15 March

GP team to contact trainees who have accepted a placement and those wish to defer – Monday 18th March

Deadline for trainees to re-confirm they wish to defer and to provide information – Monday 25th March.

Candidates who have not requested on their application form that they wish to defer but who now require a deferral on statutory grounds should contact the team after 18th March to submit their request.