For all trainees from 1st April 2021 onwards:

If the trainee chooses not to relocate to their new place of work but to travel the greater distance, they may be eligible for excess travel expenses if their home to place of work is more than 17 miles each way.

The mileage costs that may be paid under these circumstances is the mileage from home to the  place of work less 17 miles. Trainees are not eligible for reimbursement of mileage costs for the first 17 miles of their journey as this is not defined as ‘excess travel’. Thus a journey of 20 miles would be eligible for 3 miles excess each way.

Mileage costs are payable at the reserve/PTR rate, which is currently 28p per mile.

Trainees appointed to single-site training programmes are not eligible to claim excess mileage as they are expected to live within a reasonable commute (less than 20 miles) of the place of work.

The exception to this is for trainees who are living in London who travel to work via public transport and pass through TFL Zones 1-3. These trainees can claim for the cost of their travel minus the costs of Zones 1-3 travel (peak or off peak).