If a trainee is eligible to claim for excess fares it is calculated in the following way;

Fares from home to new place of work less fares from home to base place of work.

(If you did not travel to your base place of work by public transport then home to base mileage will be deducted from your fares regardless of whether you walked, cycled etc.) This is because we can only reimburse the excess fares under the relocation guidelines, not the full cost of travel. 

However if your base hospital is within London Underground zones 1-3 then the calculation would be made in the following way;

Fares from your home to your new place of work less the cost of zones 1 – 3 travel by London Underground.

When you submit a claim for excess fares you must attach the original tickets and/or receipts for all journeys claimed. An oyster top up receipt is not acceptable, if using oyster card you must submit an oyster usage statement with your claim. Claims without receipts should not be reimbursed.