For all trainees from 1st April 2021 onwards:

Where trainees use public transport for journeys, they can claim expenses based on the equivalent mileage for journeys over and above the 17 mile each way minimum. These can be claimed at the Reserve/PTR mileage rate (currently 30p per mile).


The exception to this is where trainees are required to travel into Zones 1-3. In these cases they can claim the cost of excess fares from Zone 4 onwards, with the cost of travel within Zones 1-3 being deducted from the total amount. Trainees must be living in London and the entire journey must take place within TFL zones for this to be applicable.

Further information on how to register a contactless payment account so that receipts can be shared is available at

Where trainees travel by bicycle, excess mileage rates are payable at 20p per mile over and above the 17 mile each way minimum.