This could be due to a number of reasons:

1) The rotation has not yet been published. This will display in the contents tab of the TRoG with a Status of ‘Not Published’. Please check the ‘TRoG publication summary’ found in the useful documents section of the rotations trust portal for the upcoming rotation date.

2) An individual trainee placement has yet to be confirmed (you would expect to see a ‘Hold’ placement against a post).

3) All future placement information is displayed on the TRoG from column Y onwards – please ensure you check this section of the spreadsheet, rather than current placement information displayed.

3) Please check the data changes tab of the TRoG, as posts and or people may have been added since the initial publication date. Therefore, this information will only appear in data changes.

4) The trainee may be rotating to another LEP from the next rotation date. Trainees will receive confirmation of their next rotational move on the same day that LEPs are notified via TRoG.