The WTE of LTFT trainees will be communicated via the trust portal (TROG). This refreshes every Tuesday and any changes to the WTE will be updated on the portal.

LTFT trainees are marked on TROG. If two trainees are slot sharing there will be two rows against the same NPN. There is a column that says slot shares; for the majority of trainees this will be marked as no (full time or reduced sessions) but those that are marked yes will be slot sharing. 

TROG is intended to show the information for a particular rotation between 12 weeks before the rotation date and the rotation date itself. It tracks changes only to the Future Trainees. 

This is because changes to trainee details after a rotation date will appear in the weekly Establishment Report; these changes should be directly communicated to the trust via the specialty team. 

The establishment reports and TROG reports are updated weekly, each Wednesday, reflecting the data held on our Trainee Information System at midnight the previous day.