All LTFT payments are paid to the trust quarterly via the LDA. Payments are made pro-rata across the year and not in one lump sum. Payments will be adjusted each quarter and a detailed breakdown on how LTFT payments are made to the trust are confirmed in the LDA pack that is sent to the trust each quarter.

East of England 

All East of England trusts are funded via East of England and any finance queries should be sent to the East of England LTFT team

Reduced sessions in a Full-Time Post

  • If the trainee is working reduced sessions in a full time post, then there is no funding due from the LTFT budget to the Trust
  • This is because the training post that the LTFT Trainee occupies is already fully funded from Tariff funding.
  • The cost to the trust will therefore be nil as the funding for a full time trainee is already in place but the trainee is working less than full time.

Slot share funding

  • Slot sharing works on the basis that two trainees share one full-time post and manage any out-of-hours between them. Each doctor may work up to 80% whole time equivalent (WTE) and is paid as an individual trainee on the basis of actual contractual hours.
  • Slot share - The first 1 WTE is funded through post funding (50% salary support plus placement fee).  London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex will fund anything above 1 WTE for slot shares.  An additional 0.2 WTE is paid as a slot share incentive.
  • Both trainees can work between 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8. London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex will not fund any placements below or above these amounts.

Slot-share example for tariff funded post

Trainee A – works WTE of:
Trainee B – works WTE of:
Total WTE worked by Trainees  (0.7 + 0.6): 
Trainee A funded by post funding at
Trainee B funded through LTFT budget at
Additional slot share incentive for trust
Total funding to Trust for slot share (1.0 + 0.3 + 0.2)


Maternity Leave payments

London Trusts will be paid £12,000 for each existing LTFT trainee that takes maternity leave. If a full time trainee goes on their first period of maternity leave no payment will be made. KSS trusts do not receive a £12,000 fee for LTFT trainees who go on maternity leave. 

How are academic LTFT trainees funded?

Academic LTFT trainees are funded via the academic funding schedule and will not appear on the LTFT funding report. If academic LTFT trainees are slot sharing with a non-academic LTFT trainee the non-academic LTFT trainee will be funded as reduced sessions.

On-calls, sick leave and paternity leave

The trust is responsible for paying on-calls, sick leave and maternity leave.

London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex will make a contribution towards the cost of the maternity leave for every current LTFT trainee who goes on maternity leave while employed by your trust.

Supernumerary trainees

LTFT supernumerary funding will cover the cost of the trainee, so a trainee working at 0.8 LTFT supernumerary will be funded at 0.8 as an additional trainee to the establishment for a set period of time.

If you have any queries about how LTFT posts are funded please submit a query below. 

LTFT Budget 2019-2020

Excluding any top-up payments, for the same activity level, activity-based funding using the 2019-20 methodology will yield greater funding to trusts than in 2018-19, owing to the increased slot-share incentives (an extra 0.1 WTE, plus placement fee).

There is a reduced 2019-20 LTFT budget across London (at 75% of the 2018-19 LTFT budget), and this will be apportioned amongst trusts according to their 2018-19 activity levels. A review will take place for the final LDA and if a trust’s activity-based funding is below their apportioned value, a top-up payment will be made. This is a benefit to trusts to ease their cashflows and help with planning as HEE moves towards a consistent national approach for LTFT payments.