In line with your ‘Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme’, you are required to inform LaSE Healthcare Education Team of any change to your personal contact details and/or circumstances that may affect your training programme arrangements. Please submit a Notification of Change (NOC) form via the portal which will be forwarded to your Lead Employer HR Team.

Amongst others, this includes a placement change, a change in your Whole Time Equivalent, and sick or parental leave.

N.B – Change in On-call payments 

Please note that if you are notifying us of a change in your on-call payments you are required to submit evidence in the form of a copy of your rota (outlining your new duties), a Competency Letter (this should be completed by your Educational Supervisor - a template letter can be found below) and an Honorary Contract ( this only applies to trainees that will be carrying out their on-call duties at a site different from their current placement)