When your contact details have been passed to your prospective training region, they should contact you within 5 working days of the end of the offers process to start finalising your transfer. We send your details when we have completed the entire offers process.

Once it has been agreed with your new region that you can transfer, you should organise a leaving date with your current training region by contacting your local specialty administrators and your Training Programme Director. You will need to stay in touch with your new training region to organise an appropriate start date in your new region. You should also inform your Royal College of your transfer.

Once the NIDT has passed your contact details to your potential new Trust you need to liaise directly with that Trust. The NIDT is not involved in any further stages in your transfer process.

Please be aware that if you are returning from maternity leave, you should give sufficient notice while on leave so that you can return to work in your new training region. The notice you have to serve should be in your Terms and Conditions.