If you are considering a period of OOP, please discuss this with your Training Programme Director and Educational Supervisor as early as possible, before you make an application. 

You must give at least 6-months notice in advance of the proposed OOP start date.  This is in order to meet the Code of Practice requirements.  You must also give your employer (current and/or next) three month's notice.

You should apply using the OOP application form here and submit to the LaSE Healthcare Education Team providing all supporting documentation as part of the process. 

Your Training Programme Director will review the application for appropriateness and the Postgraduate Dean (or nominated Deputy) will make the final decision to approve, reject or request further information. GMC processes will be followed where appropriate.

The OOP forms and guidance for all London & KSS Trainees can be found here: https://www.lpmde.ac.uk/medical-training/trainee-resources/out-programme

If you are a Foundation trainee you will need to complete a different form. You will find these forms under the Foundation OOPs FAQ. 

Once you have completed your forms they will need to be submitted by attaching them to the form available here