There are a number of circumstances in which a trainee may seek to spend some time out of programme (OOP):

OOPT – out of programme training. This will be used towards the award of a CCT and must have prospective GMC approval. OOPT is usually up to a maximum of two years and will not normally result in a delay to CCT date.

OOPE – out of programme experience. This will not be used towards the award of a CCT. OOPE will normally be for one year in total and may be extend up to two years with the agreement of the Postgraduate Dean.

OOPR – out of programme research. Time spent out of programme for research purposes may be recognised towards the award of CCT where the relevant curriculum permits this. OOPR should not normally exceed three years but may be extended to 4 years with the prospective agreement of the Postgraduate Dean.

OOPC – out of programme career break. Designated and planned time out of programme to pursue other interests (e.g. domestic responsibilities, work in industry, developing talents in other areas and entrepreneurship). Applications are considered on individual merits and are normally limited to two years. OOPC should not be used to cover sickness.