Following appointment to a specialty training programme, a National Training Number (NTN) or Dean’s Reference Number (DRN) will be awarded. You may be asked to provide evidence of foundation or core competencies. You should receive your training number within four weeks of commencing the training programme. However, please note: the GMC is currently working on a new format for NTN numbers nationally. Therefore, as of July 2018, we have paused the issuing of NTNs during this period, until the new format has been finalised and the issuing of NTNs can resume. In the meantime you should be able to continue with  your membership application to your college without an NTN, as it has been agreed by all Colleges (except RCGP) that an NTN is no longer a requirement to apply for membership and e-Portfolio access. 

For newly recruited trainees joining Health Education England London and Kent Surrey & Sussex training programmes, the NTN will be issued in the near future.

Please note that this Training Number represents the new format as has been agreed with the GMC which is aimed at better reflecting the curricula of your training programme.

As a consequence of the above, your NTN may be subject to change. However, any change will be purely administrative and will not impact on your training, your registration with the GMC or your registration with your Royal College.