Category 2 applications to train LTFT are for those requests that do not obviously fit under one of the criteria for category 1. These can be for a range of requests and should fit into one of the categories below. All requests will be considered but approval is not automatic and is considered on a case by case basis by the relevant Postgraduate Dean for your training sector.

Category 2 applications are for those doctors with:

  • Unique opportunities for their own personal/professional development (example training for national/international sporting events
  • Short term extraordinary responsibility (for example a national committee)
  • Religious commitment – involving training for a particular religious role which requires a specific amount of time commitment
  • Non-medical professional development such as management courses, law courses, fine arts courses or diploma in complementary therapies.

Other well-founded reasons may be considered but it would be dependent on the particular situation and the needs of the specialty in which the individual was training. Category 2 requests should be considered to be extraordinary short term opportunities that would benefit the trainee’s future career and wider NHS.

Category 2 applications are only considered to be for at the discretion of the Postgraduate Dean for your section and they will make a decision on your application in conjunction with your Head of School.

The London and South East Postgraduate Deans are: 

Health Education England North West London - Dr Gary Wares

Health Education England North Central and East London  - Dr Gary Wares
Health Education England South London - Prof Geeta Menon

Health Education England Kent, Surrey & Sussex – Dr Joanna Szram