Any time throughout the training year:  


Notice period is generally 16 weeks, less will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

  • Parental care 
  • Trainees with a disability or ill health- 
  • Trainees with caring responsibilities 


Application within Windows: 


Trainees that wish to apply under any of the criteria listed below must do so within the given HET LTFT Windows. The Windows are determined by the month in which you rotate.  


  • Welfare and wellbeing  
  • Unique opportunities   
  • Religious commitment  
  • Non-medical development   
  • Flexibility for training and career development  





 Notice periods:


We require a minimum of 16 weeks’ notice for all LTFT applications (including Childcare, Health, Disability, Caring Responsibilities) however there is an exception to this which will be by individual circumstances. If less than 16 weeks’ notice is provided/required you must submit evidence of written agreement from your employing Trust that they can accommodate an earlier change.   




Changes to WTE:

Any requests to change a WTE (increase, decrease, return to full time) must be made during windows provided above.