Your application and supporting documents will be viewed in their entirety by the National IDT team. 

The information you submit will be viewed by administrative staff with the intention of checking your application against the eligibility criteria and as such will be processed accordingly.

Anonymised data will be sent to training regions after eligibility checks have been completed in order for them to go and try and find you a vacant post. The information shared will be:

· Application ID

· Specialty (including dual or triple accreditation)

· Level of Training at point of application and transfer
· Months completed at current grade
· Months remaining (WTE) at current grade
· Expected CCT date
· Current region
· Desired location(s) within chosen region
· If applied under Criterion 1
· LTFT request
· Training completed and outstanding
· Exams completed and outstanding
· Return date if currently OOP or on Maternity Leave
· Academic status

Should you be successful in receiving an offer, which you accept, all of the data that you have provided on your application form will be sent to your new Deanery to aid conversations about suitable posts and to facilitate your transfer.

Further information regarding the sharing of your personal data can be read on the HEE Privacy Notice. HEE hosts the National IDT function.  The Privacy Notice can be found here: