Preferencing requires the student to state their preference for a programme by assigning a rank to it based on their most preferred programme being assigned their highest preference or ranking it as number 1. 

This will result in the generation of a ranked list with their most preferred programme being at the top of the list and their least preferred programme being at the bottom of the list. 

Students also have the option to leave unranked preferences in the ‘No Preference’ section. Offers for these programmes will only be made to applicants once offers for all of their preferenced programmes have been made. If students really would not consider accepting an offer for a programme then it should be moved to the ‘Not Wanted’ section. 

Students will not be made an offer for any programme moved to the ‘Not Wanted’ section under any circumstances. 

Only programmes that the student is prepared to accept if they are made an offer should be assigned a preference or moved to the ‘No Preference’ section.