The process for approving supervisors and maintaining the approved practice list sits with Quality Patient Safety Commissioning Team (QPSC) in HEE). Previously the HET workforce team have run a registration process for practices looking to take foundation doctors for the next training year, however, it has been identified that this creates a duplication of work and the risk of different information sources. 

For 2021 any practices who wish to be approved for foundation training will contact QPSC directly via QPSC will then manage the approvals process and add them to the approved practice list once this is done. 


The HET workforce team will have access to the approved practice list via QPSC. All educators on this list will follow the 5-year re-approval cycle. 


Trusts can only allocate to approved practices that are on the list provided but should notify HET if there is a practice looking to take on an F2 in the future and refer that practice to the process above. Once a practice/ supervisor is approved they will join the  list for future allocations and can potentially be used at a later point in the academic year should an additional trainee need placing.