The appeal panel will normally make a decision on the day of the hearing. However, if this is not possible the panel will reserve their decision for a later date to be notified to the parties. This date will be no longer than 5 working days after the appeal hearing.

Following the panel’s deliberations, the trainee, their representative and School representatives are invited into the room to be informed of the outcome. The panel Chair will briefly summarise the outcome and any reasoning or recommendations (where applicable) that the panel have made. Once the panel Chair has delivered the outcome, this concludes the proceedings of the day.

The appeal panel have the following outcomes available to them:

  • Uphold the original decision to give an Outcome 3 or 4.
  • Decide that the original Outcome 3 or 4, or withdrawal from training is not justified.  Where the original decision to give an Outcome 4 has been overturned and replaced by an Outcome 3 then an ARCP panel should usually reconvene to issue the Outcome 3 (with targets) to the trainee in person.