When should I have my GIM PYA?

If you are dual accredited in GIM and 12-18 months from CCT, you will require a GIM PYA as well as having a PYA in your Specialty programme. This will be arranged separately from your Specialty PYA with GIM TPDs, and may include a GIM ARCP. GIM PYA dates are scheduled on the basis of proximity to CCT date and invites are automatically sent out to trainees on this basis. Or you can contact us if you need to request a PYA within a specific timeframe and we will do our best to accommodate your request. You can contact us by submitting a form here

CCT date change

Please let us know at the earliest opportunity via PSP query, with General Internal Medicine selected as the specialty if your CCT date has changed. This is to enable us to contact you closer to the time of your PYA. 

More information on GIM PYAs

For more information on GIM PYAS please visit the JRCPTB wesbite. The website contains guidance on what to expect for your PYA, what your responcibilites are and how to prepare. 

You can visit the website by clicking here

If you are considering dropping GIM and therefore will not require a PYA you need to discuss this with your specialty TPD and complete the Dropping GIM form. Please see the Dropping GIM FAQ for guidance around this.