To submit a Level 2 (ST6-8) form for Panel London, please go through the following steps:

    Select 'trainee'

    Select 'Training FAQs for all specialties;

    Select '  FAQs'

    Select   'What If none of the FAQs have answer my question', 

    Select 'If none of the FAQs have answered your question, please submit an enquiry to the team by clicking here

   Fill in the Portal on line form and for 'type of enquiry', select 'Rotations'.

    It will be helpful if you can put in 'your enquiry', box the level of matching you are applying for.

  Then attach your form and save as first name, last name and GMC number and make sure it is in PDF format.

Please note that the closing date is close of play Wednesday 28th February 2019.