TPDs are assigned based on your region. London trainees have TPDs for North West, North Central and East London and South.  Details of this can be found on the London School of Paediatrics website:


South ST1-3:              South – Ruth Shepherd -

South ST4 -5:             William Barry -

NCEL ST1 – 5:           NE – Sandhia Naik -

NWL ST1 -5:               NW – Helen Channner –

Pan London ST6 -8:    Camilla Kingdon -

                                    Anne Opute -

GRID TPD                   Anne Opute


Details of the TPDs can be found on the KSS website:

Dr Rob Bomont ST1-3 (BSUH) - looks after Kent trainees and OOPs

Dr Sethu Wariyar ST1-3 (ASPH) - looks after Sussex trainees and regional training days

Dr Catherine Wynne – M25 -  looks after regional training days with Dr Wariyar

Dr John Somarib - GRID TPD - looks after Surrey trainees and GRID.