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    Study Leave Specialty list

    Mandated and Optional List

    The study leave lists have been constructed by the relevant Heads of Speciality Schools/Training Programme Directors with oversight and approval of the Post Graduate Deans
    Mandatory courses have been described in curriculum documents by the relevant Royal College or Faculty and should assist educational supervisors to ensure that the trainee is meeting the requirements mandated by the curriculum in the first instance.
    Optional courses are complementary to the curriculum, the Head of School or Training Programme Director being of the opinion that attendance at these events is of benefit to the trainee. It is not expected that the lists are prescriptive; there is no expectation that the trainee should complete all the optional events for their given programme. The list should act as a guide for the trainee and educational supervisor to plan and schedule attendance at some of these events across the entire duration of training. Where a trainee has undertaken an event already described on the list and wishes to undertake the same event again, the trainee must seek approval from the Training Programme Director and relevant Head of School in the first instance. Unless specifically outlined in the curriculum, attendance on the same event on more than one occasion for the duration of any given training programme would not normally be supported by study leave.
    Discretionary - in the rare event where a trainee wishes to undertake a course or event that is not included on the Mandated and Optional Lists, the trainee should discuss with their educational supervisor and Training Programme Director to ensure that the course or event is relevant to their professional development, and that sufficient funds are available. The Head of Speciality School will have final sign off for such discretionary events depending on current funding available.

    Please refer to the process map regarding authorisation and claims. Trainees MUST follow local trust processes regarding applying for study leave time.
    All study leave claims should be submitted to your trust withinthree months of attending the event. Please ensure you attach all relevant receipts and proof of attendance to your claim.
    Claims older than three months will require TPD approval in order to be processed. Please contact your TPD in the first instance to explain the reason for the delayed submission.
    Please find below a change log detailing the changes any changes made to the lists and the dates they were made.
    Please see below per the drop menus the lists for the relevant Schools
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