When confirming your decision on Oriel you will undergo a two-step process to confirm the response to your offer: once to select the option and then again to confirm it; if you do not go through both stages your decision will not have been made. There are three ways you can confirm that a decision has been registered:

  • You will receive an automatic email confirming your decision. Please note that the email may not arrive immediately, in busy times there can be a significant delay in when this email is received.
  • Check your messages in your Oriel account. Any emails sent to you via the application system will be stored in your candidate portal on Oriel (ie your 'account') in the 'My Messages' section of your Dashboard.
  • Check that your application status has been updated from 'Offer made' to the relevant decision. This can be seen in the 'My Applications' area of your Dashboard.

If you are still concerned, contact the region managing applications  as soon as possible so it can be investigated.  For specialties lead by London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex please submit a ticket here: Submit a ticket : HEE-NHS 

Offers without a decision come the deadline are considered to be declined and will be offered to someone else where possible