You are required to demonstrate your procedural competence during your registrar training. It’s expected that you achieved some competence in your CT years but this needs to be maintained or progressed with evidence to show that. The expected method for doing this is with DOPS, and I suggest you look at the GIM ARCP Decision aid (Google it) on the JRCPTB website which shows every procedure you’re required to do, to what level (including live vs skills-lab) and how you record it. Some of this you can knock out in an hour in your education centre and save yourself a lot of bother later on. Other stuff can be a bit more tricky as you do need to find someone to sign you off – but you do have several years to pick this stuff up and if you really need to you should be able to arrange getting yourself along to a rheumatology clinic for a knee aspiration or a theatre list for an art-line. You don’t want to be doing this stuff in your last 6 months when you should be looking for consultant jobs, so get on it early.