(LDN) you are expected to attend 2 out of 3 of the PAN London training days. You are also expected to attend a minimum of 70% of the ACCS Emergency Medicine RTD programme in your first two years and to also follow your Specialty Exit Training Programme dates. These will be advertised on the HEE LDN website event calendar: https://london.hee.nhs.uk/calendar4..

For virtual RTDs where capacity is not an issue, ACCS RTDs are open to all specialty exits where applicable to training.

(KSS) You are expected to attend the ACCS Regional Training day programme during your first year of training. All days are mandatory, unless you are on statutory or annual leave.

During your second year of training you are encouraged to attend both the ACCS RTD programme and your Specialty exit RTD programme.

During your third year of training you are only required to attend your Specialty Exit RTD programme dates.

Each RTD programme dates will be advertised via the HEE KSS website: https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/events/.