Trainees will need communicate intentions to move with both their current HEE local office and the receiving HEE local office All trainees are required to work notice periods as per their contract of employment.

Following such a move the trainee will surrender their existing NTN/NTN(I) and be issued with a new NTN/NTN(I) by the receiving Deanery. The appointments panel for the new post will assess the trainee's log book and ARCP outcomes as part of the recruitment process; if progress has been satisfactory, entry will be agreed at the appropriate level of training (e.g. ST5 for a trainee in the third year of occupational medical training).

Trainees are strongly advised to seek advice from both their current Dean and the receiving Dean at the earliest opportunity, and certainly before accepting a Non-NHS training post in another Deanery, to ensure that both Deaneries support the move and that the new Deanery is willing to issue a new NTN(I).

As the national lead for occupational medicine, please contact the LaSE Healthcare Education Team to keep them informed of planned moves.