What is the Form R (1)

The Form R is a self-declaration form completed by trainee doctors. Until January 2014, trainees were asked to complete an Enhanced Form R for the purposes of registration and revalidation. To avoid duplication and minimise the amount of unnecessary form filling for trainees, this combined form has now been made into two separate parts, Part A and Part B, so that both parts don’t always have to be completed when only one is needed. The Form R (Part A) asks for personal and contact information that is used to maintain our database. It is requested from you by the HEE London and KSS HET Team at registration and then once annually to maintain accuracy of data. A request for this will be sent to you by the member of the HET Workforce Team who deals with your specialty, and any queries about it should be submitted via the trainee portal. The Form R (Part B) asks for information about your recent scope of practice, time out of training,and declarations relating to revalidation. This information informs the ARCP Panel to comment on your fitness to practice, which in turn informs the Dean’s recommendation to the GMC about your revalidation.