Incomplete evidence presented.

 The panel can make no statement about progress or otherwise where either no information or incomplete information has been supplied and/or is available to the RCP panel. The panel should agree what outstanding evidence is required from the trainee and the timescale in which it must be provided to be able to issue an outcome. If the panel considers that an Outcome 1 is likely on the basis of the evidence available and satisfactory outstanding evidence is received, the panel can give authority to the Chair to issue an Outcome 1. However, if the Chair does not receive the agreed evidence to support an Outcome 1 or if the panel considers that an Outcome 2, 3 or 4 is likely on the basis of the evidence available, then a panel will be reconvened. This reconvened panel could be undertaken ‘virtually’.  It is up to you to ensure that the documentary evidence submitted for your RCP is complete. The RCP panel will have indicated what evidence is missing and the timeframe in which you will need to provide this. Following submission, the panel will consider the evidence and issue an appropriate RCP outcome. Failure to provide requested documentation within the timeframe can be considered as a failure to engage with the process.