Trainees may request a break in training/be out of programme (Time Out of Training)

from the specialty training programme to which they were appointed for the following reasons:

• Locum appointments

• Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave

• Career break (OOPC)

• Experience (OOPE)

• Research (OOPR)

• Training (OOPT)

• Sick leave

• Suspension

Absence from training, other than for study or annual leave, may have an impact on a trainee’s ability to demonstrate competence and the satisfactory completion of the curriculum and assessment system to enable them to be recommended for award of a CCST. Within each 12-month period where a trainee has been absent for a total of 10 working days or more (when a trainee would normally be at work), this will trigger a review of whether the trainee needs to have their CCST date extended. The absence includes all forms of absence other than study/annual leave or prospectively approved leave involving clinical experience or research.