Your current region will hold a trainee file which will contain important information relating to your training progression to date. The transfer of this information from one region to another following an IDT is important to ensure continuity of training and support for you, for your new region to be fully aware of the trainee’s training history, to maintain patient safety and to support you in making an eventual CCT or CESR application to the General Medical Council (GMC).

The information transferred may include:

    · Recruitment paperwork

            o Application form

            o Proof of I.D. and address as shown at the interview stage

            o Relevant certificates of degrees and competences

    · Full ARCP history including all outcome forms

    · Form Rs

    · Relevant correspondence regarding training progression including

            o Out of Programme paperwork

            o Less Than Full Time training paperwork

            o Correspondence regarding trust investigations, GMC investigations, special measures etc.

It is likely that any transfer of information will be digital.