During the initial preferences window, you can revise your preferences as often as you wish.

Once this closes, how this is done will depend on whether or not you have been made an offer:

  • Not been made an offer - there will be periods when you will be able to make amendments and you will be emailed each time this is available. Revising preferences are done in exactly the same way and place as when they are originally chosen.
  • Made an offer - first you will either need to accept or hold the offer and opt in for upgrades. This will then allow you to revise your offer preferences from the 'Offer' screen in Oriel. If the option to update preferences is not there, it will be due to offers being currently run for the vacancy and the option to update preferences will be temporarily unavailable until the offers are released. Consequently it is advised to be aware of the offer timelines when planning to review your preferences.

The Oriel Applicant User Guide contains further guidance on these functions.