If preferencing is still open then you just need to log in to your account there and make amendments to the ranking and/or arrangement of your programme preferences.

If preferencing has closed there are a few possibilities to change:

  • If you have been made an offer and you accept or hold it with upgrades, you can rearrange your preferences at any stage up until the offers upgrading deadline. Whilst you cannot move the programme accepted/held into your not wanted column, you can move it lower down your rankings to give yourself the chance of being upgraded.
  • If you are not initially successful in being made an offer, there will be short periods during the offering period where you will be able to reconsider your preferences. This will include reordering your list and changing whether a programme is included in your 'preferences' or 'not wanted' lists. You will be emailed at the time when preferences are available to revise.

Outside of these times, you will need to contact the lead region for your specialty. It cannot be guaranteed that any changes to your preferences can be made though and will depend on the stage of the process at that time.