This can be very difficult to predict.

Offers cannot begin until all interviews have been completed, and scores have been compiled and confirmed. This will vary between different specialties. However, each programme must have been offered at least once (where possible) by the first offers deadline (Please see applicant handbook) . You should be prepared to wait until the deadline, although in most cases offers will be released earlier.

This will also depend upon your standing in the process; the outcome of your assessment and ranking, as well as the programme preferences you have given. These factors will influence how soon an offer can be made to you (if at all). 

In addition the speed with which offers are 'recycled' depends on how quickly higher-scoring candidates decide whether to accept or decline offers. As such, it is not possible for us to advise any candidates on the subject of whether they will receive a post offer, and if so when this would be. 

If you are on the reserve list you will be notified of this.